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Asner Iron & Metal Co.

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Oldest & Most Trusted Yard in the Kansas City Area

Since 1903, Asner Iron & Metal Co. has been providing customers in the Kansas City area with a convenient way of recycling their scrap metal through our scrap metal recycling services. We are dedicated to reducing the amount of items that enter landfills while protecting the environment.

We Buy And Sell:
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Stainless and Scrap Iron
  • Steel
  • Used Pipe

Unbeatable Quality

We have been buying and selling top quality scape metals to our customers for over 115 years. We always offer the current market rate on all metals that we purchase, to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

New And Used Steel For Sale!

We also sell New and Used Steel. Call us at (913) 225-7258 today.

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Exceptional Customer Service

At Asner Iron & Metal Co., we offer exceptional customer satisfaction. We aim to exceed the expectations of every customer that comes to us. Call us today at (913) 225-7258, to find out what we have available, and put our know-how and experience in the metal industry to work for you.


"I have done business with Asner Iron & Metal Co., for over 10 years. They have always been fair and friendly every single time. I highly recommend Asner Iron & Metal Co.." -Steve W.

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Business Hours

7:45am - 4:00pm
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Asner Iron & Metal Co.

  • Huge Selection Of Metals
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Over 115 Years In Business
  • New & Used Steel
  • Used Pipe
Got Scrap Metal? Call Today!

(913) 225-7258